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Why SmartFi is building its DeFi solution using Komodo technology

July 29, 2021

SmartFi is pleased to reveal Komodo as its technology partner for the development of the SmartDex and SmartFi blockchain. This development project will deploy its entire DeFi ecosystem which includes a minable stablecoin, SFUSD and its DeFi open lending platform among other unique innovations. Here is a quick summary of Komodo technology and why we choose them as a provider.

What Is Komodo?

Komodo is an open-source technology provider that offers all-in-one blockchain solutions for developers and enterprises. Komodo works closely with organizations that want to launch branded decentralized exchanges, cross-protocol financial applications, and independent blockchains. Komodo's flagship end-user application. AtomicDEX - is a non-custodial multi-coin software wallet and atomic swap-powered decentralized exchange rolled into one app. AtomicDEX and its underlying technology - Komodo AtomicDEX API - is compatible with 99% of cryptocurrencies in existence and offers the widest cross-chain, cross-protocol trading support in the entire blockchain industry.

Why We Chose Komodo

Atomic Swap Technology - Unlike many DEXs, Komodo supports native trading across multiple blockchain networks. Rather than relying upon proxy tokens, Komodo’s atomic swap technology supports instant, trustless settlements for assets built on dozens of blockchains. Komodo is widely considered to be the industry leader in atomic swaps, with mature technologies and working products that use this technology.

Fully Customizable Solutions - Komodo’s blockchain technology provides sovereignty for any project building on top of it. For SmartFi, this means we can create an entire purpose-built ecosystem that caters to the needs of our team’s vision and our users’ needs. Having the freedom to use a flexible platform without vendor lock-in is critical to carrying out the vision outlined in “More than a Whitepaper”.

Experienced and Knowledge - Having launched in 2016, Komodo is one of the most established projects in the blockchain industry. The Komodo team has some of the most talented and experienced developers in the blockchain. Komodo CTO Kadan Stadlemann has been involved with cryptography and blockchain technology since 2011. Prior to that, he worked as an operations security (OpSec) expert for national governments in Tunisia and Austria. The rest of the Komodo team likewise brings a wealth of knowledge about blockchain, DEX, and DeFi technologies.

Join Us For The Livestream

Komodo and SmartFi are growing together. Tune in to >>Komodo’s livestream<< on July 30, 2021 at 17:00 UTC to learn more details about our blockchain innovations and products for the SmartFi ecosystem.


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