Power Block Coin Launches SmartFi

June 30, 2021

News Release: Power Block Coin launches SmartFi following completion of over $1 billion in cryptocurrency transactions

Power Block Coin launches SmartFi Decentralized And Centralized Cryptocurrency Services

Utah, 1 July 2021: Power Block Coin LLC announces the launch of SmartFi, a new, regulatory compliant range of decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency services, aimed at individuals, companies and institutions. 

The SmartFi launch builds on the success of Power Block Coin, which since 2017 has delivered high touch execution and financing services to institutional and high net worth clients. A pioneer in the emerging crypto-currency industry, Power Block Coin has offered cryptocurrency-backed loans, coin-interest accounts, spot markets and OTC derivatives trading in BTC, ETH, and various other digital assets. Power Block Coin has completed over $1 billion of loans and spot-market transactions.

Power Block Coin was founded as an energy infrastructure company to support the development of cryptocurrency mining operations, by a group of US energy industry veterans. These include former Utah state legislator Aaron Tilton and Tom Retson, who was an executive at GE Nuclear Energy. Other team members are drawn from investment banks, trading institutions and regulatory agencies.  

The experience and skills of the SmartFi team have enabled them to utilize proven strategies and techniques from other areas of financial services and capital markets. They have adapted and modified them with proprietary features to provide answers to the challenges faced by cryptominers and cryptocurrency users. SmartFi has now automated a number of those solutions, creating a suite of complementary decentralized and centralized tools. These will provide users with simpler and safer options to create wealth. 

SmartFi CEO Aaron Tilton commented: “For a number of years there has been a growing demand by consumers for greater individual choice in wealth generation. The strategies, processes and tools of the current cryptocurrency landscape are sometimes complex, restrictive and risky. SmartFi is providing users with a new range of options, to give them more flexibility, more control and will open up new opportunities to customers worldwide.”

About SmartFi

SmartFi is a regulatory compliant, open finance platform for cryptocurrency which includes decentralized and centralized solutions with a built-in fiat gateway. It offers a suite of services including a custom public blockchain, decentralised exchange, centralised exchange, cryptocurrency-backed lending, coin interest accounts, OTC trading, options and derivatives trading in BTC, ETH, and various other digital assets, institutional trading desk. 

SmartFi is a DBA of Power Block Coin LLC: Power Block Coin Ltd, owned by Blue Castle Holdings Inc.

For more information go to https://smartfi.com


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