Open Finance Platform SmartFi, Resists Crypto Market Correction

January 20, 2022

The SMTF Token price increases by 370% since September 2021 against downward market trend

Jan 20 2022 – SmartFi, the open finance cryptocurrency platform, has completed its token sale and transitioned to its unique SmartCycle monetary protocol.

The purpose of the SmartCycle is very different from a typical cryptocurrency network. It is designed to fund SmartFi user loan demand.

The SmartCycle minimizes market risk by providing a 100% buy back guarantee on the SmartFi token (SMTF) under certain conditions.

Because of this assurance, holders of SMTF have little reason to sell the token in a down market knowing that they have a buy back guarantee at their original purchase price.

This is an unprecedented level of protection that is not a feature shared by any other cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum etc.

Better value creation is another unique feature of the SmartCycle. It puts upward pressure on the price of the SmartFi token via deflation, by linking the token value to the demand for loans. This is similar to a decreasing block reward.

This unique financial model enables better price predictability. SMTF has increased 370% in price since the September 16th 2021 launch.


The SmartCycle is comprised of 4 major components. The loan demand that moves the price of SMTF. SmartCycle tranches which are similar to block rewards. These trades subsequently fund loans. Interest from the loans funds CeFi and DeFi networks. SmartFi’s unique monetary policy recycles proceeds restarting the process at step 1.

The SmartCycle converts other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin into SMTF. When users trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, the resulting proceeds are used to fund loans. The loan types are cryptocurrency collateralized loans, commercial real estate, small business loans for equipment etc.

The success of the SmartCycle is making the open finance platform competitive with traditional lenders. SmartFi is now funding non-crypto related loans, including the first $2 million in traditional small business loans. Introducing borrowers to the world of cryptocurrency safely and easily through financial experiences they are already familiar with.

SmartCycle has grown ~$60 million in loans in 18 weeks.

SmartFi CEO Aaron Tilton commented: “The SmartCycle monetary policy enables us to demonstrate the power & purpose of cryptocurrencies to new users safely. At the same time it is a highly compelling model that can directly compete with traditional lenders.

About SmartFi

SmartFi is an open finance platform for cryptocurrency which includes decentralized and centralized solutions with a built-in fiat gateway. It offers a suite of services including, decentralized exchange, centralized exchange, cryptocurrency-backed lending, coin interest accounts, institutional trading desk.

SmartFi, a DBA of Power Block Coin LLC is registered as a Money Service Business (“MSB”) with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”) under the registration number 31000178271453.


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