SmartFi’s 3-D Referral Program Is Now Live!

June 29, 2021

SmartFi is offering one of the most rewarding referral programs on the market today. Start earning crypto today by inviting your friends, family and any one else who you feel may be interested in growing their wealth with SmartFi.

Earning crypto through referrals on SmartFi is three times more rewarding, with our carefully designed rewards system. All you need to do is invite people to the platform using a customized link, and you start earning a percentage of their trading fees on the platform. Then, when your referrals invite their friends to join you will receive an additional percentage of their trading fees as well. Even better, if those referrals invite their friends you will get a third round of payouts from their trading fees. So essentially you will earn a bonus on top of a bonus on top of a bonus!

Here’s how you can get started:

Firstly, you will need an account on SmartFi. If you haven’t already created one, head to our crypto trading and lending platform to complete a quick and hassle-free set-up of your new account.

Once you’ve created your account and logged in, head over to the affiliates page which can be accessed through your account details page on the Smart Portal. You will see your unique referral code as well as a link, which can be shared either personally or through your social media. 

Keep in mind that the earnings from our rewards program are paid as long as you have an account with SmartFi, and they comprise each trade across the three levels of referrals. As soon as your referrals start trading you will start earning bonuses straight away.

Earn crypto based on multiple levels of referrals

Currently the percentage share of trading fees offered out as bonuses are as follows:

·       10% of all trading fees paid by your direct referral for lifetime

·       5% of all the trading fees paid by their referrals for lifetime

·       2.5% of all the trading fees paid by the third-tier referral

A transparent rewards pay-out system

All the balances and rewards earned as per the calculations above are tracked on a daily basis, and available for viewing in your account details page, thereby giving you a completely transparent access of your referral reward calculations every day.

The pay-out for the accumulated rewards are released on a weekly basis in the form of SmartFi tokens (SMTF).

Invest smart with SmartFi

If you’ve just joined SmartFi, we are happy to have you on board and excited to show you around. We are an easy-to-use platform that enables you to buy your favourite crypto assets, through ACH or bank transfer.

For more information about trading with SmartFi, you can visit this link. If you have any queries that are not covered in our help center, you can reach out to our awesome support team here.


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