The Smartfi community is making crypto wealth creation simple, smart & safe for everyone.

About SmartFi
SmartFi is a unique monetary system. It combines monetary policy with the freedoms of cryptocurrency to create a self-sustaining open-lending platform, providing the holders of SmartFi Token the opportunity to manage the system and become the beneficiaries of the wealth creation that would otherwise accrue to traditional banks.

Our suite of tools has been designed to meet the needs of the crypto novice, experienced crypto trader, and large institution. No matter who you are, we have the right tools for you.


Company mission
Our mission at SmartFi is to empower individuals and entities worldwide to pursue the creation of wealth simply and securely, protecting the use and possession of digital currencies.


Company vision
We believe in a more prosperous future for all. Cryptocurrency has the ability to empower users with an inspired financial future. At SmartFi our mission is to give access to the tools that enable users to make smarter financial decisions. SmartFi - Simple, Smart, and Safe.


Crypto knowledge
Knowledge is power. Take advantage of the SmartStrategies education, tools and calculators to move towards your financial goals.
Crypto wealth creation
Wealth creation is the heart of what we do. Crypto is for everyone and with the right tools and guidance it is possible for all to take advantage of the wealth generation opportunities.
Ease of use
Ease of use is essential. Cryptocurrency is a global, borderless open financial movement and and access to it should be simple. That’s why it takes 3 minutes to sign up to SmartFi so you can start earning, borrowing and trading.


The SmartFi team started out as large scale energy infrastructure developers, operating out of Utah. They quickly found demand from cryptocurrency mining facilities and by 2017 the team had set up under the name Power Block Coin.

During bear markets the team found that many miners who had re-invested in new mining equipment became unprofitable almost overnight. The company found demand for crypto-collateralized loans to help miners continue to operate through these times. The highly volatile business of crypto meant that miners needed a hedge and the loans provided that.

The experience gained through supporting mining operations gave the SmartFi team a fresh approach to how best to serve the market. Miners didn’t just need a hedge, they needed to be taken into account in the design. This is what SmartFi did and the result is the SmartFi blockchain, where miners hashrate and other inputs are built into the system to provide better price discovery and to control the supply of coin.

In addition the SmartFi platform has expanded to offer a full suite of tools to both miners and regular crypto users. SmartFi portal lets you earn, trade, lend and borrow within one place.

Because it is an independent blockchain it offers the ability to create derivatives of any asset, digitize it, decentralize it and now speculate or hedge it with exact correlations. SmartFi is the ecosystem where using cryptocurrency is like tying your shoes. SmartFi’s mission is to empower every user with the opportunity for generating crypto wealth.

Aaron Tilton
The strategies, processes and tools of the current cryptocurrency landscape are sometimes complex, restrictive and risky. SmartFi is providing users with a new range of options, to give them more flexibility, more control and will open up new opportunities to customers worldwide.

- Aaron Tilton, CEO
Aaron Tilton


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$1 billion+ in loans and transactions


The SmartFi team continues to improve the software and services at all levels. Our vision for the future is mapped out below.


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