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Earn interest on your USDC (USD Coin) balance, compounded daily.
*US customers must be Accredited Investors.


Earn interest on your USD Coin balance with no lock-in period. Deposit USDC and watch your balance grow. Interest compounds weekly.
Earn USDC yield
Get a better return by keeping your USD coin in a Smart Interest account than just holding.
Hold USDC stablecoin
When you hold USDC your interest payments are in USDC itself, therefore your portfolio grows automatically as you HODL.
USDC interest account terms
No lock-in period
No lock-in period, get access to your funds in SmartINTEREST and get trading on SmartTRADE.

how To earn interest
with your usdc

Learn how to earn interest on your USD Coin (USDC) balance.
First point
Buy USDC or transfer USDC to your SmartFi portal wallet.
Second point
Deposit USDC in your Smart Interest account.
Third point
Start earning yield on your USDC balance instantly.
start earning

What is usdc coin (CIRCLE)?

USDC (USD Coin) is a digital currency, or cryptocurrency, designed to be a stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar.

It is an Ethereum-based token that was jointly developed by a consortium called Centre, a collaboration between founders Circle and Coinbase.

USDC is used as a medium of exchange on various exchanges and can be used to make payments and purchases.
What is USDC

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