Earn weekly compounded interest on your Ethereum (ETH) balance.
*US customers must be Accredited Investors.


Earning interest on your Ethereum balance is very similar to staking, just easier. Deposit ETH and watch your balance grow. Interest compounds weekly.
You get a better return in keeping your money in Smart Interest than your bank account.
When you hold ETH in SmartINTEREST, your interest payments are in ETH itself, therefore your portfolio grows automatically as you HODL.
No lock-in period
No lock-in period, get access to your funds in SmartINTEREST and get trading on SmartTRADE.

how To earn interest
on ethereum

Learn how to earn interest using your Ethereum (ETH) balance as collateral.
First point
Buy ETH or Transfer ETH to your SmartFi.
Second point
Deposit ETH in your Smart Interest account.
Third point
Start earning yield on your Ethereum balance.
start earning

What is ethereum (eth)?

Ethereum is an open-source network powered by blockchain technology that was launched in 2015.

Technically, the currency associated with Ethereum is ether (ETH), although the word Ethereum is increasingly used to refer to both the network and the currency. Ether is used to reward those that run the Ethereum network.

Ethereum is the base off which many other blockchain networks are built, with particular relevance in the fast-growing worlds of DeFi and NFTs, making ether probably the first, and certainly the most influential utility coin.
What is ethereum

ethereum price

ethereum utilities

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