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Get an instant loan using your Bitcoin (BTC) balance as collateral.
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HOW does a bitcoin LOAN WORK?

SmartFi is a non-bank lender that offers cryptocurrency collateral loans for commercial and retail purposes. SmartFi's process of issuing a collateralized crypto loan is simple:
Deposit your Bitcoin collateral amount
Receive the loan amount in dollars or stablecoin
Repay the loan plus the interest
When loan is repaid you receive back your Bitcoin
Bitcoin lending process

HOW to get A bitcoin loan

Learn how to get an instant loan using your Bitcoin (BTC) balance as collateral.
Calculate your loan
Confirm terms of your loan
Send collateral to SmartLoan
Get your fund with USD or stablecoin.

Ways to Benefit FROM YOUR LOAN

Bitcoin trading
trade more
You can buy and trade more crypto with your loan proceeds, taking advantage of market conditions.
Improve cash flow
Improve Cash Flow
Invest in your business and keep your existing cryptocurrency portfolio. Better for cash flow.
Reduce your debt
Reduce Debt
Pay off credit cards, debit cards, student loans and any other form of outstanding debt with a crypto loan.
Grow your business with a crypto loan
keep growing
Invest in a Bitcoin interest account, and get interest payments in BTC. Grow your portfolio automatically.

What is bitcoin (btc)?

Bitcoin is two things. It is a currency when written with a small “b” and a network when an upper case “B” is used.

As a currency, it is a store of value, something that can be exchanged for goods and services, like dollars or Euros, but it exists only in digital form.

The Bitcoin network is best thought of as a payment system like Visa or Mastercard. Bitcoin, however, uses a different form or recordkeeping, a series of blocks of information known as a blockchain.
What is Bitcoin

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