Find out more about SmartFi's charitable giving efforts.

SmartFi is different. We have a token (SMTF), proceeds from which go to fund small-business loans, not the company’s operations, and we offer a 100% buyback guarantee on that token. Another thing that sets SmartFi apart though, and the one that CEO Aaron Tilton is most passionate about, is the “Crypto Helping People” Program.


It was born of the belief that one of the greatest potential benefits of crypto is the democratization of finance. By decentralizing traditional banking activities and redistributing the proceeds, it gives the people more control over their money, indeed their own lives. We believe that we as the crypto community, and the SmartFi community specifically, should do what we can to give back, and to empower entrepreneurially minded people all over the world, so they can take advantage of the ways in which SmartFi and crypto generally are changing the world.

our initiatives

Abundance Without Borders
We create real human connections across borders empowering sustainable abundance.
ThanksGiving Heroes
Donating one meal to ThanksGiving Heroes for every sign up when you buy $250 worth of SMTF. Plus you get $25 SMTF bonus.


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