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Earn interest on your Bitcoin (BTC) balance, compounded daily.
*US customers must be Accredited Investors.


Earning interest on your Bitcoin balance is easier than staking. Deposit BTC and watch your balance grow. Interest compounds weekly.
You get a better return in keeping your money in Smart Interest than your bank account.
When you hold BTC in SmartINTEREST, your interest payments are in BTC itself, therefore your portfolio grows automatically as you HODL.
No lock-in period
No lock-in period, get access to your funds in SmartINTEREST and get trading on SmartTRADE or SmartEXCHANGE instantly.

how To earn btc interest

Follow these steps to start earning interest on your Bitcoin (BTC) balance.
First point
Buy Bitcoin on the Smart Exchange or transfer BTC to your SmartFi wallet.
Second point
Deposit BTC in your Smart Interest account.
Third point
Start earning yield on your Bitcoin balance instantly.
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What is bitcoin (btc)?

Bitcoin is two things. It is a currency when written with a small “b” and a network when an upper case “B” is used.

As a currency, it is a store of value, something that can be exchanged for goods and services, like dollars or Euros, but it exists only in digital form.

The Bitcoin network is best thought of as a payment system like Visa or Mastercard. Bitcoin, however, uses a different form or recordkeeping, a series of blocks of information known as a blockchain.
What is Bitcoin

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