An amazing opportunity with a very promising philanthropic project and the most giving community in crypto.

Joseph Allen

To many people, Joseph Allen is best known as a singer, entertainer, and TV presenter. After all, he did win a golden buzzer on America’s Got Talent and has been part of the NBC Sports team covering Monster Energy Supercross. There is, however, another side to Joseph, one that is more important to him than anything…philanthropy.

Driven to Give Back
Since achieving success, Joseph has seen it as his duty and privilege to give back in any way he can, but his passion is for philanthropic work based on the “teach a man to fish” principle. That led him to get involved with Abundance Without Borders (AWB), a non-profit organization focused on improving schooling and entrepreneurial opportunities in developing communities. With AWB, Joseph made several trips to Guatemala where, while working on the big projects, he began to also perform small acts of random kindness, helping people on an individual basis.

Crypto for Good
Through that work and a shared passion for Supercross, he met the fellow AWB adherent and SmartFi Cofounder and CEO, Aaron Tilton. They shared a similar philanthropic vision that led to the genesis of Crypto for Good, an initiative that directs the resources and ingenuity of the crypto community towards philanthropy.

Joseph has wholeheartedly embraced the principle of Crypto for Good, joining Aaron on a trip to Guatemala in early 2022 where they worked on providing power and clean water to a rural school, and changing the lives of people they came across on that trip with those same small acts of random kindness. But for Joseph, giving back isn’t just about select moments, it is about how you live your life every day. That is why, even when his beloved dirt bike was stolen, he approached the situation from the perspective of how he could use it to help others.
Stay tuned for the details of the competition from Joseph Allen's humanitarian effort with Abundance Without Borders in Guatemala.

An amazing opportunity with a very promising philanthropic project and the most giving community in crypto.
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