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Engage in more advanced trading strategies by combining crypto buying on the Smart Exchange with Smart Loans.
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We rebate up to 50% of all your trading fees back to you in SMTF, therefore your wallet accumulates more crypto.
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It has never been easier to buy USDC with a super fast registration process and multiple payment methods.

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Buy USD Coin (USDC) fast and securely with Visa, Mastercard, ApplePay, ACH or wire transfer.

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The Smart Exchange is USA based and FinCEN-registered for your peace of mind.

What is usd coin (USDc)?

USDC, also known as a stablecoin, is a cryptocurrency created by Circle, a fintech organization. USDC is an innovative coin that is revolutionizing the world of digital currencies. Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, USDC is a cryptocurrency that has been designed to provide users with a stable form of value for payments and investments. This stablecoin works by maintaining one-to-one parity with the US dollar, allowing it to remain stable throughout market volatility.

By leveraging the same innovations seen in other cryptos and applying them to a stablecoin, USDC (Circle) presents a unique solution for stable digital currency transfers. It is quickly becoming a major player in the crypto space and will no doubt play an important role in furthering the development of blockchain technology as more people become familiar with it.

how can you use USDC?

USDC was purposely designed to be used as a stable store of value in comparison to other cryptocurrencies that experience volatility in their prices. USDC works much like cash, allowing users to easily trade between traditional money and crypto-assets. You can use USDC directly to pay merchants or exchange on major crypto exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance.

Furthermore, valid transactions are tracked through end-to-end auditability which ensures every transaction is secure and compliant with global regulations. USDC is truly advancing financial boundaries with its stablecoin capabilities and open financial services, making it easy for you to get started with trading your digital assets.

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