Crypto Loans & The SMTF Token

August 23, 2022

AMA: Borrow Cash & Keep Your Crypto

On Thursday, August 25th, at 1pm EST, SmartFi Founder and CEO Aaron Tilton and singer, entertainer, and TV personality Joseph Allen will present their second AMA (Ask Me Anything) livestream. If the first one is anything to go by, it will be a lively, informative session, as useful to crypto novices as it is interesting to seasoned pros. This episode is dedicated to crypto borrowing and lending.

What Are Smart Loans?

Even though these things are called “Ask Me Anything”, Aaron and Joseph do try to stick to a theme in each one to make them a bit more focused than they might otherwise be. This time, their attention will be on Smart Loans. Aaron will answer basic questions such as what crypto loans are, how they work in terms of options and collateral.

He will explain what you can borrow using Bitcoin or Ethereum, as well as talking about how crypto lending can support small businesses. He is also answering submitted questions from the SmartFi community about the loan process, why you cannot use SMTF as collateral and future development plans.

The SMTF Token

Smart Loans underpin the SmartFi token, SMTF, and are what the company is built on so, if you are a part of the community already or are interested in any way, Thursday’s AMA will be of interest.

Watch It on YouTube


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