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Robert Lamb

International Attorney
Robert Lamb is a lawyer who specializes in the area of crypto. He is a partner in the Polsinelli law firm and a finance lawyer with decades of experience who, over the last few years, has specialized in the laws around the blockchain and cryptocurrency. His expertise in that area is widely recognized, and Rob has worked with companies in the industry from around the world.

His knowledge and experience led to him being appointed by the Governor of Utah to sit on their Digital Asset Task Force, to advise on structuring Utah law to accommodate the crypto industry. SmartFi Cofounder and CEO, Aaron Tilton also serves on that task force, and together with its other members, they are advising the state government on how to structure regulations and legislation around crypto. One area of special interest for Rob is the formation and regulation of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, more commonly known as DAOs (pronounced dows). He has become one of the leading experts in that area, which is growing in popularity within the crypto industry.

Robert Lamb is a Utah native and a graduate of the University of Utah and Creighton University School of Law in Nebraska.

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