3 Reasons To Join the SmartFi Token Sale

September 13, 2021

It's nearly time and you need to get ready! SmartFi tokens (SMTF) are going on sale on September 16 and you don't want to miss your chance to get in early.

Here are the top three reasons not to miss out on this token sale:

Less Risk with 100% Buy Back Guarantee.

SmartFi tokens come with a 100% buy-back guarantee, for tokens distributed via the SmartCycle tool. Because of SmartFi token’s unique relationship to the loan demand on the SmartFi platform, we’ll buy back your token at the price you paid, after one year, for any reason whatsoever. To be clear, that’s a full refund of the purchase price in US dollars or the SmartFi stablecoin!

Better Wealth Creation

The price of SmartFi token is indexed to the loan portfolio primary market on SmartCycle. SmartFi SmartCycle sales are different from usual token sales, as SmartCycles are designed to consistently fund loan demand on the platform by adding more SmartFi tokens into the market until all 1 billion tokens are sold. This process creates better price discovery.

Whenever there is growing loan demand on the SmartFi platform puts upwards price pressure on the SmartFi token. In short, the more loans SmartFi offers the higher the SmartCycle price of the token. In fact, the index price doesn’t permit tokens to be sold at a price lower than the previous SmartCycle!

The SmartCycle tool is located within the SmartPortal. Initially a limited supply of 8,000,000 tokens will be issued at a cost of $0.70 per token. Each subsequent cycle will be at an increased price, for example Cycle 2 will be at a price of $1.29. Check out our guide on how to take part here.

Trade Instantly

SmartFi tokens are immediately liquid. We are launching straight to exchange with no lockups, no vesting and no cliffs. There is no special treatment for early tier tokens or bias towards Wall Street institutions or venture capitalists. Everyone will have equal opportunity to take part as soon as the token sale is live. From the word go you'll be able to trade SMTF via the SmartFi portal.

If you do not have an account on SmartFi already, you can quickly set up an account. Once you have an account on the SmartPortal, you can take part in the SMTF token sale by loading funds into your SmartWallet.


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