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December 2, 2022

Crypto Loan Industry

Contrary to what some would have you believe the crypto lending industry is alive and well.

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November 23, 2022

Great News from SmartFi!

In the light of recent events in the crypto world, we though it was a good time to update you on our progress and recent market developments.

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November 10, 2022

Why You Should Be Holding Not Trading Crypto

If you are interested in crypto but reluctant to get involved because you know little or nothing about trading.

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November 3, 2022

Community Update October 2022

If you kept up with what was going on in October at SmartFi, you will know that it was another busy month.

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October 28, 2022

Should You Take Out a Crypto Loan?

Bitcoin, and crypto markets in general, have been acting all grown up over the last few months.

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October 26, 2022

Women In Crypto

By way of its decentralized nature, crypto should be inherently inclusive. In the early days, however, the gender bias in the industry was noticeable.

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