Crypto Interest Accounts & The SMTF Token

February 15, 2023

Earning Interest On Crypto

There has been much talk about earning interest on crypto and how companies like SmartFi are able to offer this service. SmartFi's CEO Aaron Tilton will be dispelling myths about crypto interest accounts and how it is possible to offer interest on crypto. You will also be able to find more in-depth information about who qualifies for a crypto interest account and understand terms such as "compounding". Explanations will be provided on how interest rates are defined and very importantly how to report crypto interest for tax purposes.

SMTF Updates

As the crypto downmarket continues, SmartFi is adapting some of it's products and services, including crypto interest accounts, to make them more relevant in the current environment. So, it just seemed logical to dedicate a part of this episode of the podcast to this subject. It also made sense to look no further for expertise on the matter than CEO Aaron Tilton himself.

That is why, on Thursday, February 16th  at the regular time of 1 pm Eastern US, we will be livestreaming an episode of Tilton Talks Crypto entitled “Crypto Interest Accounts & SMTF Token Updates”. Halie Lacy, SmartFi’s Social Media Lead, will be asking Aaron, SmartFi's Co-Founder and CEO, about crypto interest and the changes that SmartFi is undergoing.

Watch it live

Join us live on social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Discord, or watch out for the recording of the show that will be posted at shortly after the conclusion of the event. Details will be given regarding interest for BTC, ETH, USDC and USDT. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Kostas Alekoglu
Kostas Alekoglu has been involved with the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain and web3 since 2018. He has been a part of numerous altcoin projects in the sectors of DeFi, security, crypto gaming, and NFTs.

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