Exploring Use Cases For Crypto Adoption

February 23, 2023

Crypto adoption can be defined as the process of integrating crypto into people's everyday lives. This is a process which comprises of increasing knowledge and awareness about crypto, engaging with crypto use cases, incorporating crypto into products and services, and ultimately transforming traditional business models through decentralized applications or dApps built on blockchain technology.

Crypto adoption also means enabling individuals to take responsibility for their own financial security through having access to crypto-specific products, such as wallets and exchanges. Ultimately, crypto adoption is a journey that starts with education and understanding of the crypto space and ends with us using it in our day-to-day lives.

Tilton Talks Crypto

On Thursday March 2nd, at 1 PM EST, the Tilton Talks Crypto livestream series will continue when Aaron Tilton, SmartFi CEO, will be joined by Head of Social Media Halie Lacy and CMO Kostas Alekoglu to talk about "Use Cases For Crypto Adoption".

Use Cases

You will be presented with cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption stories from retail companies, the world of business and financial products such as loans and interest. You will also hear about legal applications, industrial use cases and last but not least, charitable giving, which SmartFi keeps close to it's heart.

  • Peer to peer transactions
  • Buying products
  • Business formation & ownership
  • Lending
  • Charitable Giving

Watch It Live

It promises to be a fascinating discussion which, based on earlier episodes of Tilton Talks Crypto, will go into some detail on the topic of adoption. It will be entertaining and informative and shouldn’t be missed by anyone interested in the future of crypto use in the U.S. and worldwide. To attend visit the SmartFi (discord.com) or watch it live on YouTube.

Kostas Alekoglu
Kostas Alekoglu has been involved with the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain and web3 since 2018. He has been a part of numerous altcoin projects in the sectors of DeFi, security, crypto gaming, and NFTs.

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