Natalie Brunell On Bitcoin & Crypto

January 12, 2023

Bitcoin Education

Tilton Talks Crypto were delighted to welcome Natalie Brunell onto the livestream and podcast a few weeks ago. Natalie, as you may know, is a celebrity in the world of Bitcoin, being the host of the Coin Stories podcast, and someone who has appeared on mainstream media including Fox Business as an analyst and educator when the subject was in the news. She is also an experienced broadcast news journalist, and has a passion for Bitcoin and an easy manner on camera that combine to make her one of the most effective and appealing communicators in the crypto space.  

Bitcoin Vs DeFi

However, in some ways, at first glance Natalie didn’t look like a fit for Tilton Talks Crypto. She is known as a Bitcoin purist, whereas we at SmartFi are more of a generalized crypto project, bridging Defi and Cefi, for example, and having a native token, SMTF.  What we quickly found, though, once the conversation got underway, was that the things we agreed on were way more powerful than anything that might be thought to set us apart.

The Crypto Tale

Natalie was drawn to Bitcoin as a result of her parents suffering during the recession in 2008 and 2009, and her subsequent search for a “better” monetary system; one that was operated by and for ordinary people rather than Wall Street banks. That is a story that most people involved in crypto can relate to, even if they didn’t experience exactly the same things. She talked about that and her transition from TV journalist to full-time bitcoin educator, before moving on to the topic of, as Aaron Tilton, SmartFi’s Cofounder and CEO, says in the intro video that runs before each episode of Tilton Talks Crypto, “moving humanity forward”.

There she talked about both the theoretical and practical aspects of cryptocurrency, including a project she was involved in that sent bitcoin to Afghan women to pay for their education. The discussion was wide-ranging, with Natalie giving her views on the market downturn, the resulting push for regulation, and a whole host of other subjects, and was, overall, a fascinating glimpse of how the future of money may look.

The episode of Tilton Talk Crypto with Natalie Brunel can be accessed in video form at, or downloaded as a podcast from most major podcast providers, including Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podchaser, Player FM, and Deezer.

Watch The Episode

Author: Martin Tillier
Martin has around forty years of market experience and, in addition to his role as Head of Research at SmartFi, is a daily contributor of market analysis and opinion to He first became interested in crypto 2014, when he started writing regularly on the subject. He is from England but now lives in Connecticut, USA with his wife, his dogs, and his three kids’ college tuition bills. 

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