Community Update October 2022

November 3, 2022

Happy Halloween, smart people, and welcome to Holiday Season!

If you kept up with what was going on in October at SmartFi, you will know that it was another busy month, with increasing recognition of the platform from many directions and some interesting discussions amongst our community and with the guests on our podcasts.

Tilton Talks Crypto

Tilton Talks Crypto Podcast

We started the month with a bang as Rob Lamb, an attorney who specializes in crypto laws and DAO formation joined our Cofounder and CEO Aaron and our Head of Research Martin on Tilton Talks Crypto. It was a fascinating discussion about the nature of decentralized autonomous organizations, and whether they can be recognized and regulated by the state without losing their fundamental character. It has become our most downloaded and listened to episode so far, so if you missed it, you should really check it out.

Later in the month, we focused on a subject that we know is near and dear to most of you…making money in crypto. Aaron has decades of business experience and has, since SmartFi was formed in 2017, talked with a lot of very successful people in the crypto world. Martin, meanwhile, has around forty years of market experience and writes daily commentary for Between them and based on the experience of people who have been successful over time, they came up with some easy-to-follow guidelines for reaching your goals in crypto.

SMTF Winners!

Podcast winners

Each week, during the Tilton Talks Crypto livestream and podcast, one community member wins $50 in SMTF for submitting the best question on that week’s topic. October’s first winner was Beregha Lucky on Telegram, who, as we were discussing regulation, went back to basics and asked, “Crypto should be free from regulation. How do we avoid it?”

The next week, as we talked about how to make money in crypto, Richard SKIDO posted an important question on Discord when he asked “What minimum amount of initial investment is the most effective in the project for optimal regular profit? So important, in fact, that he got paid $50 in SMTF for it! You can, too if you join us live each week.

Growing Following on Social Media

SmartFi is taking off on social media. We have acquired thousands of followers on all the platforms where we post, but our growth on TikTok has been particularly notable.

For the community, this is great news. More followers means more people spreading the word about SmartFi and SMTF and apart from the implications of that for the token, it is always nice to know you got in on the ground floor of something that is taking off!

New Planning Tool

Those guidelines were based on 3 simple steps: 1: Learn, 2: Plan, 3: Do, and to help you through that process, we devised a series of questions for you that will help you to clarify your goals and form a plan for getting to them.  The new tool will be live on the site in just a few days, so keep an eye out for it.

Streamlined KYC Process

People have told us that they find the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) process that is required during sign up was their least favorite part of the process. So, we are making changes. As a US company, we cannot avoid KYC altogether, but we are doing what we can to make it less burdensome and time-consuming.

Freedom Works

As October drew to a close, Aaron headed to Washington DC, where he had been invited to speak to a Freedom Works gathering on the subject of “Mapping the Future of Crypto”. It was yet another recognition of the fact that SmartFI is not just another crypto platform, but is a complete rethink of financial services, utilizing the best of defi and cefi to deliver smarter, safer crypto for the community. There was something symbolic about the CEO of a crypto platform that challenges the status quo in that world speaking in the capital city of a nation formed by challenging the status quo as it existed centuries ago, and Aaron rose to the moment, giving a clear vision for the future of crypto.

Looking Forward

September promises more of the same, with exciting things happening at SmartFi! We have some major guests lined up for Tilton Talks Crypto, starting with the TV journalist turned full-time crypto enthusiast and educator, Natalie Brunell as well as another big-time crypto personality. There will also be more help with the Learn, Plan, Do approach to success and we are expecting an announcement on a new exchange listing for SMTF among other news.

The SmartFi community is growing in size and importance, and the world is taking notice!

Have a great November,

The SmartFi Team

P.S. Check out our previous community update.


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